JFrog Platform

Project:  Main Navigation Redesign, Platform Redesign
Tools:  Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Hotjar
Company: JFrog.com

Project Goals
• Merge Application and Settings menus for a streamlined experience.
• Emphasize Projects as the default way of working.
• Simplify admin operations and workflow.
• Reduce page overload by customizing content based on roles and permissions.
• Improve project context visibility.
• Facilitate easy adoption for new users (FreeTier/Paid Subscriptions).

Pain Points
• Users experience confusion in locating features and capabilities within the platform.
• Unclear platform navigation and lack of convenient backtracking make it difficult for users to understand their current location and navigate back to previous sections or levels.
• Products and content within projects are scattered, making it challenging for users to identify which project they are currently in.
• The platform lacks a homepage/landing page that serves as a dashboard or overview page, connecting our products, bringing security to the DevOps world, and providing usage indications.

• Separate Project Configurations and Platform Configurations
• Add Breadcrumb Trail: Introduce a breadcrumb trail feature that displays the user's current location within the platform's structure.
• Improve Visibility for Project Context: Enhance the visibility of project context throughout the platform.
• Create a Homepage/Landing Page with Dashboard and Overview: Develop a dedicated homepage or landing page that acts as a central hub, connecting various products and features.

First Time User - Set Up New Project

Overview Screen: Unifying Access to Diverse Products and Features

Create a New Project Flow

Top Navigation Bar

Design System

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