Earnix Banking Platform

Project:  Earnix Banking Platform MVP Design
Tools:  Adobe Creative Suite, Axure RP
Company: earnix.com
Project Overview:

The goal of this project is to design the MVP for the Earnix Banking Platform, which is aimed at revolutionizing decision-making processes in banking through advanced predictive analytics and real-time operational capabilities. The platform consists of two distinct interfaces tailored to different user groups within a bank: data scientists and business decision-makers.

Target Users:

• Data Scientists - Users who will interact with the predictive modeling engine to analyze data, forecast trends, and model the potential impacts of different banking strategies.
• Business Decision Makers - Users who will utilize the business-user interface to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, predict outcomes, and prescribe actionable strategies.

Key Features:
Predictive Modeling Engine:
• Advanced data analytics tools for data modeling and trend analysis.
• Customizable modules for scenario-based forecasting.
• Integration capabilities with existing data management systems.

Business-User Interface:
• Dashboard for viewing predictive insights and KPIs
• Tools for scenario planning and decision analysis.

Real-Time Execution Platform:
• Seamless deployment of banking strategies across all channels.
• Monitoring and adjustment of strategies in real-time.

The MVP provided a foundational platform that not only met the immediate needs of its initial users but also set the stage for future enhancements.
This platform streamlined the decision-making process, enhanced the efficiency of strategy deployment, and ultimately led to more effective banking operations.

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